We Kill and Exterminate Bed Bugs with Heat


We use thermal remediation to exterminate and kill bed bugs.  Most of our competition is still battling bed bugs with pesticides. We have a proven heat treatment method to control and kill bed bugs. Our heat treatment is usually a one and done bed bug treatment. If you want a green, chemical free or a non toxic way to kill bed bugs give us a call.  A heat treatment will quickly eliminate and remove bed bugs.

Attracted to body heat and carbon dioxide bed bugs primarily feed at night. The bite of the bed bug is painless to most people as they feed for up to 10 minutes at a time. Heat treatment exterminators control bed bugs in  fort worth Tarrant county more effectively than pesticides.

We can stop the bite tonight!!

We Stand Behind Our Heat treatment Exterminator Work

To prove our confidence in the services we provide, we are offering our 30/60 service agreement.  If our Heat Treatment Process did not eliminate the infestation and you have Live Bed Bugs within 30 days of your initial Heat Treatment, we will  return  and  perform  remedial  treatments  in  the infested areas only. Retreats within the first 30 days are performed at no cost to you.  After  30  days,  and up to 60 days a highly reduced fee may be charged.

Bed Bug Prevention

Here are some tips to prevent picking up bed bug when traveling:

    • Use luggage stands
    • Do not place clothing in hotel drawers.
    • Inspect your luggage before bringing it into your home.
    • Wash and inspect your garments before putting them away.

Remember to always use the hot water setting and dry on the hottest setting form the longest time.

For more information visit All Dead Termite Co.

Heat treatment exterminator control bed bugs Fort Worth Tarrant county

Heat treatment exterminator control bed bugs Fort Worth Tarrant county

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